Welcome to Patty Alessi Acupuncture!  

Patty Alessi Acupuncture is a full service acupuncture and herbal care clinic, owned and operated by Patty Alessi, L.Ac., and has been serving Ukiah and the surrounding Mendocino county since 1998.  We offer a range of treatment options and specialize in treating many common medical conditions.

Our philosophy at Patty Alessi Acupuncture is to practice Chinese medicine in the traditional way, as it was practiced thousands of years ago.  We believe that in order to restore health, balance and well being to the mind and body, the body must be treated as a whole. The principles of treatment and diagnosis explained in the ancient classics of Chinese medicine hold the same significance today as they did thousands of years ago.  Acupuncture can benefit you as it awakens the body's original intelligence to heal itself.  Chi is what Chinese medicine describes as the energy in the body that should be balanced for optimal health.  Because of our high stress lifestyle, many people deplete their chi and acupuncture helps to restore energy, health and a feeling of well being.

If you have questions about how Acupuncture works, please visit our frequently asked questions page and review some of our patient testimonials.

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